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Dr. Salvatore Avallone

Intestinal and Bariatric surgeon, Founder of the Obesity Center, France

Editor of Singapore Journal of Gastroenterology

CEO and founder of surgical center of obesity, Post Gratuade qualification-Surgical Ultrasounds, Starsbourg University, France. President of the Evaluation Commission of professional practices at the Cap d’or Clinic, since 2012, President of the Anti-Malnutrition Commission at the Cap d’or Clinic, since 2013, An organiser of 'Mars bleu' - blue March, as part of the Colorectal Cancer screening and prevention campaign in the Var Department, since 2011.



Dr . B Ravinder Reddy
Consultant General Surgery & Surgical Gastroenterologist , CARE Super Specialty Hospital & Transplant Centre , India
Dr . Mohamad Salem Dernaika
Gastroenterology , Procare Riaya Hospital , Saudi Arabia